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Web Site Usage

All parts of this web site belong to Any reproduction, distribution, modification, recompilation or reversed engineering of any part of this web site without the consent of is strictly prohibited.

All content of this web site, that is, text, icons, pictures, graphics, audio, video and software files are the exclusive ownership of, and are protected by copyright laws.

During registration on the web site, assigns you a user name and a password so you may use certain parts of this web site, and you are responsible for the protection of their confidentiality.  Please immediately report any unauthorized use of your information to

Prices and Payment

All of our prices are shown in EUR for the territory outside of Serbia and all taxes are included. Postage depends on a country order is shipping.

Payments may be made in one way, through Visa or Master card ad a time order is placed. If payment is not effected, we will assume that you have given up on order.

Quality Guarantee

Photographs of completed dress shirts and materials show exactly how your product looks. In graphic pictures used on an interactive model, we have tried to illustrate your design of a dress shirt as realistically as possible. However, these graphic pictures are only put for better visualization and dress shirts that you get may slightly differ from pictures on an interactive model.

Measurements that you submit will be adjusted throughout manufacturing in accordance with the selected style (fitted waist, slim fit, and regular fit).  Shirt measurements that you submit are adjusted due to material shrinkage.

Material used in dress shirts that are made of the same material, but from different rolls, may differ because of variations in the weaving and coloring processes. For this reason, two dress shirts made of the same material may slightly differ, especially if they are ordered at different times.

If measurements or design do not match the ones you ordered, we will make you a new dress shirt free of charge, or refund your money.  As a customer, you are responsible for the information you provide to us. We are responsible for the quality of the product that we deliver to you.


Delivery is to the address that you entered during registration. We deliver in Serbia.  If you wish us to deliver to another address, please include it in your remarks.  Our delivery deadline is 7 business days.

Force Majeure is not responsible for not carrying out a service if it is a result of a higher power; that is, when it is prevented from fulfilling its stipulation as a result of external forces beyond its control. In case of an Force Majeure, a contract is considered broken without the rights of clients and to compensation. This means that payments will neither be refunded to clients nor will production be carried out. An act of Force Majeure is considered war, terrorism, legislation changes affecting work, natural disasters, as well as all other situations that are beyond our control.

Complaint conditions and procedure

Our complaint conditions and procedure is in accordance with the Conditions of Turnover of Goods Act and the Consumer Protection Act in Serbia.

A consumer has the right to complain about a purchased product due to defects that are visible on a delivered product within 7 days of the delivery.

During a complaint a buyer is required to:

  • complain via email at ,
  • cite in an email the order number and the purchase date that he/she was given on a receipt,
  • state an accurate description of the complaint,

A complaint may be honored in following cases:

  • when a dress shirt is not tailored to measurements that a buyer submitted;
  • when, upon a delivery, the material that a dress shirt is made of has visible physical damages;
  • when a delivered dress shirt is not made of a material that a buyer has ordered and it has been confirmed on an order form;
  • when a delivered dress shirt is not tailored to the design that a buyer has ordered and that has been confirmed on an order form;
  • when other delivered products that are offered on the website are not in accordance with those ordered, and when, upon a delivery they have visible physical damages.

A buyer has no right stated in the previous paragraph if the defect on product has been caused by his/her negligence (for example, improper measurements submitted by a customer, product care that was not in accordance with the care instruction or similar). A request is considered reasonable only if a defect on a product showed throughout proper maintenance by a buyer. If it is established that a defect has been caused by a buyer’s negligence as a result of improper usage of a product, this request will not be honored. is required to inform a consumer of a decision based on a complaint in the shortest possible period of time, the longest such period being 7 days upon receipt of a complaint and to honor a reasonable complaint within a period of 15 days.

If a complaint is reasonable because of defects on a product a consumer has a right to:

  1. have a defect on a product removed,
  2. exchange a purchased product for a new product or
  3. receive a refund of money paid for that product in the amount of a retail price of that product on the purchase date reserves the right to change prices of products.  If a buyer orders a product at one price and receives it at his/her residence with that price, and the price is reduced thereafter, a buyer would not have a right to a refund.

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